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  • Diesel Fuel Doctor
  • Diesel Fuel Polishing
  • Diesel Fuel Polishing
  • Diesel Fuel Polishing
  • Diesel Fuel Polishing
  • Diesel Fuel Cleaning
  • Diesel Fuel Cleaning
  • Diesel Fuel Cleaning
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning

Efficient, Cost Effective, & Environmentally Friendly
Solutions to Diesel Fuel Problems

Diesel Fuel Polishing

Diesel Fuel Doctor provides innovative, cost effective products and services to users of diesel fuel in an effort to reduce fuel related maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and emissions. We sell fuel conditioning products, fuel polishers, fuel catalyst, and offer fuel polishing as a service.

What does that mean to YOU?
Less drama and lowered costs!  No unexpected shutdowns because of bad fuel.  Less smoke and soot from your exhaust, and lowered fuel consumption.  No matter how you use or store diesel (or bio-diesel!), we can help maintain your fuel quality!

Algae-X Fuel Solutions:

• Cleans Fuel Injection Systems, Filters & Tanks

• Reduces Emission Control Equipment Maintenance

• Lowers Emissions & Fuel Consumption

• Lowers Operating Costs

• Reduces Maintenance & Downtime

• Increases Safety & Reliability

• Spill Plans Available (SPCC Plans)

• Eliminates & Prevents Carbon Deposits


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Spill Prevention Control & Counter Measures

Diesel Fuel Spill Prevention C.I.Agent can be used to treat spills or as a preventative measure where a spill is likely to occur in many applications. 

C.I.Agent is a powder that can be put on spills such as oil, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, and any other petroleum based fluid, and it will solidify it into a rubber-like mass mass. Then the solidified product can be used as a fuel or sold to companies that produce as a filler to add strength and flexibility to their products. If you choose to, in most cases, the waste can just be thrown away!

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